From getting more car for your money to getting a great deal, used cars offer drivers a long list of great reason for why to buy. Here at Jaguar San Juan, we're proud to provide drivers from McAllen to Harlingen and far beyond with an extensive inventory of used vehicles. Our used vehicle inventory features a mix of economy brands and luxury brands that goes far beyond your average dealership. Whether you're a Brownsville, TX driver in the market for a family vehicle or you're interested in compact personal cruiser, our used vehicle inventory is ready to help.

More Car for Less

Buying a used vehicle often allows drivers to get more car for less. Meaning, you can get more features or power for a lower price comparative to a brand-new version of the same vehicle. Looking to maximize available performance at a specific price? Buying a used vehicle is a great way to accomplish that! You can find a great deal on a vehicle that puts performance first, in our used inventory. If you're looking for a vehicle that offers up a more impressive set of interior comfort and convenience features at a lower price, then you're once again in luck, buying a used vehicle might be for you. Our inventory of used cars often includes many SUVs and sedans that tout an impressive array of comfort and convenience features.

Used Vehicles Can Hold Their Value

Another reason to purchase a used vehicle is because used vehicles have already had their largest depreciation hit. Buying a new vehicle ensures drastic value loss within the first year of ownership. Most used vehicles have already gone through their largest depreciation hit, meaning you can purchase a vehicle that holds its value better than a new one.