Jaguar drivers will be happy to know that Amazon Alexa is now available in new or newer Jaguar vehicles. Whether you're looking to purchase a new Jaguar from our inventory or you already own a Jaguar car or SUV, you could find Amazon Alexa included in the latest over-the-air update.

Why is Amazon Alexa in Your Jaguar Vehicle Helpful?

When Amazon Alexa is activated in your Jaguar vehicle, you can use voice activation to control several things. For example, you could say, "Alexa, navigate me home," and your Jaguar will place the navigation to your home address on your Pivi Pro touchscreen. You can also access your music, contacts, weather, schedules, and more just by telling Alexa to do something for you.

It can also be used the other way around. Drivers can access Amazon Alexa from their Harlingen, McAllen, or beyond home and connect to their Jaguar through Amazon Alexa. For example, you can lock the doors on your Jaguar F-PACE while you're eating dinner at your table.

How do I add the Amazon Alexa App to my Current Jaguar Model?

If your Jaguar car or SUV has the latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, you can simply scan a QR code on the touchscreen and follow the over-the-air installation instructions. This easy process was boasted on by Alex Heslop, the director of electrical and electronic engineering at Jaguar, when he said, "The fact we can also offer this new feature to existing customers proves the value of our software-over-the-air updates." If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Jaguar San Juan Texas dealership or visit us from Mission, Pharr, Brownsville, TX, or beyond today!

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