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When it comes to luxury vehicles, Jaguar models are some of the best. They range from cars to SUVs, and each one is just as stylish and upscale as the last. Here in San Juan, TX, these models move fast, so it's not uncommon for customers to wait for our stock to be filled.

But if you're itching to get your hands on a new model, why not reserve a model. Reserving a model is quick to do and can be done online. To learn more about how you can place a reservation on a new Jag, keep reading or visit Jaguar San Juan Texas today.


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Why a Jaguar Should Be Your Next Luxury Vehicle

At Jaguar San Juan Texas, our goal is to help customers find the luxury vehicle that fits their lifestyle and desires. Customers in Brownsville, TX, are consistently drawn to the Jaguar due to its ability to provide unmatched comfort and performance. If you are considering purchasing a Jaguar in San Juan, TX, keep the following benefits in mind.

Jaguar Has a Powerful Legacy

The Jaguar first debuted in 1935. Since then, the British manufacturer has been synonymous with the idea of luxury. When you purchase a Jaguar vehicle near Harlingen, you know that you will be purchasing a vehicle with a long history of delivering style and performance.

The Jaguar Offers a Range of Vehicle Types

When you purchase certain luxury vehicles near Mission, you are restricted by the limited choices in body types the manufacturer has available. Fortunately, if the Jaguar is your next vehicle, you have multiple models to choose available to you. The full-size Jaguar XJ is one of the most popular varieties, but you can also choose Jaguar SUVs, convertibles, and coupe vehicles in Pharr.

New Jaguar Models

If you're considering placing a reservation on a new Jaguar, then it's best to know what models are available.

F-Pace: This SUV is the largest in the lineup, and it's a luxury performance model that offers practicality and efficiency. With impressive cargo and towing capabilities and improved ride comfort, this vehicle is one you won't soon forget.

E-Pace: While this may be the first compact SUV from Jaguar, it still offers a unique combination of looks, agility, and dynamic driving. With all-wheel drive and quick acceleration, the E-Pace is one of the more athletic choices in its class.

I-Pace: As the ultimate all-electric performance SUV, the I-Pace is an excellent choice. This model is one of the sharpest-handling EVs on the market, and it offers a sleek design, lower ground clearance, and an all-wheel-drive dual-motor with a battery pack.

F-Type: Looking for a pure Jaguar sports car? This pulse-quickening machine has you covered. With a supercharged V8 under the hood and loads of premium features in the base model alone, you'll love every second you're behind the wheel of this coupe.

XF: By offering a striking contemporary style and superb craftsmanship, the mid-sized XF is a sedan like no other. As one of the best luxury values around, the XF maintains an excellent balance of affordability while also providing engaging driving dynamics, premium interior materials, and plenty of passenger space.

How to Reserve a New Jaguar

Reserving a Jaguar is a great way for Harlingen and McAllen residents to get the model they want, designed the way they want. If there are specific features, you want to be added or removed to a specific model, making a reservation allows you to do just that. By reserving a new Jaguar and letting our dealership know ahead of time what you're looking for, we can place an order and jump you to the head of the line.

Reserving also allows customers from the Pharr area to customize each aspect of their vehicle, from the color to the amenities. To create a reservation, fill out our online line form stating what Jaguar model you want, its trim, color, and other features. From there, we'll handle the rest.

After an order is placed, we'll keep you updated about the vehicle's progress. We'll even notify you when it arrives. And before it arrives, speak to our finance team about how to finance your new Jaguar model.

Financing Your Custom Vehicle

After a Mission driver has placed a reservation, their next step will be to fill out our online finance application. This application can be filled out at home and pre-qualifies for a loan. Once an application is approved, our finance team will walk you through our financing process and show you which financial plan works best for your budget.

Learn More About Reserving a Vehicle

By reserving a vehicle, Brownsville customers have an opportunity not found at most dealerships. It allows drivers to make a Jaguar truly their own. To learn more about reserving a vehicle or other services we offer, stop by Jaguar San Juan Texas today.

Jaguars Are Dependable Vehicles

Most customers in McAllen are looking for vehicles they can depend upon, whether they are committing to a daily drive or are taking their vehicle out only occasionally. Regardless of why you purchase your vehicle, you want to know that it will not leave you stranded. Fortunately, Jaguar regularly tops the J.D. Power dependability rankings.

Jaguar Is Known for Performance and Speed

Buyers in San Juan, TX looking for a luxury vehicle that can move fast know they can depend upon Jaguar. Due to the lightweight aluminum construction of the vehicle, your Jaguar will always be speedy and easy to maneuver. Speed enthusiasts marvel at its ability to go from 0-60 in record time, while various available turbocharged engines allow even greater performance feats.